Positive Behavioral Intervention & Support

Vern Patrick P.B.I.S. Statement

     The staff of Vern Patrick Elementary believes in positive supportive discipline where consistent and respectful approaches to management including signals, teacher language and tone, rules and logical consequences are in place throughout the entire school.  Our staff is committed to the belief that all students are the responsibility of all staff.  The staff holds the high expectation that staff, parents, and children, will model safe, responsible, and respectful behavior.
     Parents and staff are encouraged to discuss, model, practice and review with the children polite conversations, good manners, and appropriate behavior.  Misbehavior is an opportunity for adults to teach children better responses.   Problem solving techniques will be taught and modeled by all adults.  Small or first time infractions may result in conversations or Think Time.  When children are angry or need guidance, the staff will work with them to establish better choices.
Vern Patricks 3 B’s of Expectations
Character Traits
Tolerance – Papalotzin and the Monarchs (English and Spanish)
Honesty and Integrity
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