Our Title 1 team:

Katie O’Leary – Teacher

Patty Crumrine – Instructional Assistant

Amanda Johnson – Instructional Assistant

Heather Poston – Instructional Assistant

 Our Intervention Instructional Assistants:

Jenea Cardwell, Brittney Johnston, Nikki Nimtz, Devan Perry, Aimee Swanson


    Reading is our most important educational skill–the gateway to all academic learning!  We support reading and literacy in several ways:

  •   Daily Walk-to-Read:  Students get daily instruction at their instructional levels. Classroom teachers, literacy support    staff and Title 1A staff teach focused, skill-specific groups.   Fourth and fifth grade students who need extra help and  support “Walk-to-Read” with literacy support staff.
  • Title 1A extra support:  Students most at-risk for continued reading difficulty in first through third grade receive an additional block of intensive instruction with very small groups taught with  both one-on-one and technology-assisted instruction.  Student progress is frequently checked and changed to best speed student progress.
  • Extended-Day Kindergarten:  Kindergarten children most at risk for reading difficulty have an opportunity for an additional half-day of instruction entirely devoted to reading and literacy!  A limited class size with a teacher and an assistant gives these children a lot of individual attention and the chance to learn literacy skills in a variety of ways.  Extended-Day Kindergarten is funded through Title 1A.

Check It Out!

Opportunities for Parent Involvement:  Check out the Parent Involvement Plan link at the bottom of this page.

Student-Parent-Teacher Responsibilities and Agreement: Check out the Panther Compact link at the bottom of this page.

How do I help my child at home?  Look at the links to great home reading support tools and activities below.