Hi Panther Cub Families! My name is Audrey Wheatcroft and I am the school counselor at Vern Patrick Elementary School. I have a Masters degree in counseling from Oregon State University with a specialization in school counseling. My role at Vern Patrick is to support students in three domains: social and emotional, academic, and future readiness. Every student is confronted with challenges, whether in school or out of school, that lead to frustration, worry, sadness, anger, etc. from time to time and a school counselor can help navigate these temporary situations.

The Roles of a School Counselor: 

Whole classroom lessons

Classroom lessons are delivered on a rotating schedule kindergarten through fifth grade. Lessons focus on topics such as conflict resolution, growth mindset, bullying prevention, personal safety, and more. Curriculum used includes Character Strong, Second Step and Kelso’s Choice

Small group counseling

Some students benefit from being in a small group with peers. Small group counseling is a focused, short term intervention that supports students in a particular area. Examples of group topics include social skills or friendship, emotional management, and grief and loss. Teachers and parents may refer students to participate in group. 

Individual sessions

Students may also benefit from individual sessions with the counselor either on a weekly basis or as needed. Individual sessions are typically 15 minutes long and meant to be short term in duration. Examples of situations a school counselor can help with include: changes in the home environment, friendship challenges, mild anxiety, emotional management, and more. Students in 3rd-5th grade can self refer while younger students may ask their teacher to see the counselor. Parents and teachers may also request a check in with a student. Families will be made aware if there are any concerns regarding their student or if their student may benefit from ongoing sessions.  

Parent and family outreach and support

Families will receive a monthly newsletter informing them of the monthly topic being taught, the character trait of the month, and other counseling related news. The counselor is also available as a resource to families who are experiencing hardship or change. Families are encouraged to reach out at any time.  

Advocate for students

The counselor participates in a variety of student support meetings to provide a mental health perspective. The counselor collaborates with student services, BRYT, administration, teachers, families, and special education to best meet the needs of students. 

Program Standards

The Vern Patrick Elementary Counseling program aims to be in alignment with the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) professional standards, mindsets, and behaviors. More information surrounding ASCA can be found here.

The state of Oregon also outlines standards for counseling programs in public education. These standards are known as Oregon’s Transformative Social and Emotional Learning (TSEL) Framework and Standards. More information surrounding TSEL can be found here

Vern Patrick Counseling Vision Statement: 

Students at Vern Patrick have the skills to persevere academically, socially, and emotionally. They are empathetic individuals with the ability to understand the perspectives of their peers, family, and community. Students are empowered to be lifelong learners and pursue their passions through life.

Vern Patrick Counseling Mission Statement: 

The mission of our school counseling program at Vern Patrick Elementary is to provide a data driven comprehensive school counseling program where growth matters, caring counts, and positive attitudes prevail. This will be achieved through a collaborative multi-tiered system of support focusing on academics, social/emotional and future readiness skills for all students regardless of race, gender, ability status, socio-economic, and cultural background. Our school counseling program is committed to preparing students to be productive members of our ever changing community. 


Community Resources


If you are experiencing an emergency please call 911 immediately or 988 to access the national suicide and crisis lifelie. 

Care Solace

Redmond School District has partnered with Care Solace to help families and students get connected to mental health services. Families can receive a referral to care through the counselor or may browse providers on their own using the “search on your own” feature. 

Deschutes County Stabilization Center

(541) 322-7500